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3.1 Release FAQ

Last Updated: Jun 04, 2018 09:46AM MDT
A lot changes with the new 3.1 release of Solstice. Here, we cover a few questions you might have about the new version.

Q: Solstice looks different?
A: It sure does!  Solstice Enterprise Edition licenses will feature a redesigned welcome screen, which presents users with simplified connection instructions, and can rotate through up to 6 background images.  We hope you love the new welcome screen, but if not, a Solstice admin can revert to the ‘Classic Splash Screen’ in the ‘Appearance’ tab of the Solstice Dashboard.

Q: Solstice looks the same?
A: Solstice hosts that do not have Enterprise Edition licenses will not display the updated splash screen or room scheduling information.  To upgrade to Enterprise Edition, please contact us.

Q: Which calendar formats are compatible with room scheduling?
A: Both Office 365 or Microsoft Exchange Server accounts are supported in Solstice 3.1. Solstice supports impersonation and delegation accounts as well as personal accounts. Google Calendar will be supported in an upcoming version .You can also send meeting data to a Solstice-enabled display using the OpenControl API. 

Q: Where do I change my WAP's channel?
A:  In the Solstice Dashboard, the ‘Network’ tab now exposes additional configuration options for WAP mode, including the broadcast channel.  Channels in the 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands are supported.  

Q: What are the new API calls available in Solstice 3.1?
Our OpenControl API has been expanded to now include commands that expose the following functionality for Solstice hosts with Enterprise Edition licenses:
  • Set custom background images
  • Control welcome screen messaging including RSS feeds and custom message tickers
  • Control emergency broadcast state
  • Check for and initiate software updates
  • Read current software version
  • Send schedule information to a calendar-enabled Pod
  • Reboot Pod
For information on all our commands and how to use them, please see the OpenControl API documentation

Q: Why does my QuickConnect web page look different? 
The new QuickConnect page has been designed for optimal readability and user experience.  One constraint is that the background image can no longer be customized. 

Q: How do I export a list of Solstice endpoints (rooms) from the Solstice Dashboard?
New in the 3.1 version of Solstice is the ability to export a list of Solstice hosts from the Dashboard. To do so, right-click on a Solstice endpoint in the Dashboard instance panel to access your export options.  You may export all displays, or select a group of displays to export.  The export file includes Display Name, IP Address, Port #, and unique Device ID. For more detail, see the Dashboard documentation.

Q: In-room availability isn't showing in my app - why not?
All parts of your system – including the Solstice Dashboard and end user apps – need to be updated to 3.1 to see all the new features.    

Q; I updated the Solstice Discovery Service (SDS) to version 3.1 and the service stopped working.  What should I do?
SDS was recently renamed Solstice Discovery Service from Solstice Directory Service to more accurately reflect the way the program is used.  There are no technical differences.  However, the new name may require that you update your DNS records and/or firewall exceptions appropriately. Another important note for the latest SDS version is that it now uses three ports instead of just two. The port requirements are now: 53200, 53201, and the new port requirement- 53202.

Q: Japanese doesn't render on the new welcome screen.
We will be addressing internationalization in early 2018, including comprehensive support across the latest 3.1 features like the new welcome screen.

Q: Updating a Pod to 3.1 via the Dashboard only updated it to 3.0.6 - what happened?
The 3.1 release includes an update to the Pod firmware, so admins that deploy updates behind a firewall via the Dashboard using an SLR file will see Pods update to 3.0.6, then to 3.1.  This double-update process happens automatically for upgrades deployed OTA with a connection to the internet.  

Q: Can I roll back from 3.1?
A: If you have installed 3.1 on a Gen2 Pod, you can roll back to the previously installed version.  The 3.1 update on Gen2i Pods requires an image update, and you will not be able to roll back.  

Q: I updated my endpoints to 3.1, but can no longer manage them in the Dashboard.  Why?
A:  You must update your Dashboard to version 3.1 before you can manage 3.1 Pods or Windows Software.  Once the Dashboard is updated, your 3.1 endpoints will be manageable again.  
Q: My display is showing a 'Resolution Not Supported' error.  Why?
A: The display's EDID (Extended Display Identification Data) setting may be preventing the Solstice display interface from appearing correctly, even if you have never experienced this problem before upgrading to 3.1.  Please contact Mersive support for instructions on how to resolve the issue.  

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