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3.3 Release FAQ

Last Updated: Jun 04, 2018 09:45AM MDT
Solstice 3.3 incorporates several new enterprise and integration-specific features. You can see the complete release notes here, but here, we cover a few questions you might have about the new version.

Q: Where’d the Solstice app go?
A:  We noticed that whenever a user shares their desktop using the Solstice, the next mouse click is to minimize our app.  We cut out that step by automatically minimizing the Solstice app to the top of the screen whenever you share your desktop.  This is automatically enabled for Windows users. Don’t like it?  You can change the behavior in the ‘settings’ tab of your Solstice app.
Q:  Why are features like Miracast, VLAN tagging, and digital signage not in the Solstice 3.3 release?
A:  When we release any update to Solstice, we want to make sure every feature is fully functional, tested, and ready for the prime time.  We had several valuable features ready for release before others were completed, so we bundled the finished features into an enterprise-focused release. Miracast and digital signage will be a part of the 3.4 release.
Q: What are the new API calls available in Solstice 3.3?
A:  The calendar and control APIs have been updated.  The calendar updates allow you to add or delete meetings to an authorized Microsoft Exchange calendar, and the new control API command allows you to restart the Pod’s software without rebooting the hardware.
Q: What certificate types are accepted as SSL and 802.1x ethernet certificates?
A:  The Solstice Dashboard will accept certificates of type:
  • .cer
  • .der
  • .crt
  • .pem
  • .pfx
  • .p12
Q: Why did the images in the modern splash screen carousel stop moving?
A:  The images loaded into your modern splash screen carousel will still cycle through in order and fade into one another, but the subtle sideways motion effect has been removed.
Q:  Are there requirements for a virtual machine (VM) to use the new VM client?
A:  The VM must have Desktop Experience installed. Please note that the VM client for servers is in beta.  
Q: What options are available for silent installation using MSI?
A:  You may control where the client is installed, whether to launch the client on login, whether to activate the new minimal UI feature, and the SDS server domain name or IP address.
Q:  Is 802.1x support only for Ethernet connections?
A:  No, this additional support complements the ability to load 802.1x certificates for WiFi networks that was introduced in an earlier release. 
Q:  Why would I load an SSL certificate?
A:  When users connect to the via Pod to get the app or use browser look-in, they may see a warning page instead of the Solstice QuickConnect page if no SSL certificate is supplied for that Pod.  Adding an SSL certificate improves that user experience. 
Q: Why does uninstalling the Windows MSI client require a system reboot?
A:  It doesn’t.  An issue with Windows InstallShield Wizard is causing administrators to see a dialog box insisting that uninstalling the MSI client requires a reboot, but this is not true.  You can safely close the box and take no action.  The Solstice MSI client will still be uninstalled.
Q: Why does nothing appear when I share my desktop or app window?
A:  If you are experience intermittent sharing issues, especially from a Mac laptop, it is likely related to a power management setting. Change your graphics settings to allow “maximum performance” even when on battery power to remedy the problem.
Q:  Solstice does not appear to have scaled correctly to my monitor?
A:  We are working to resolve a native resolution issue that can cause black bars or slight distortion on displays with a 16:10 aspect ratio. 
Q:  My desktop audio is playing both through Solstice and my laptop speakers, why?
A:  The Solstice app is designed to switch audio from the user device to the shared display when your desktop or a media file is shared.  We are aware of an issue caused by a specific audio driver on some hardware that causes audio to play from both the device and the shared display.  We are working towards a fix. 

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